2. Promenade – Champs-Élysées


Champs-Elysées, Paris


We now walk along Champs-Élysées downhill from Étoile in the direction of Place de la Concorde.

On the stretch from Étoile to Rond Point airlines and car makers line the avenue, also cinemas and other places of entertainment. Many shopping arcades lead off into labyrinths of shops, cinemas and restaurants. On this stretch there are more tourists than in any other place in Paris. Many sit in side walk cafés and observe the pedestrian traffic.

Rond Point, Paris

Rond Point

We arrive at Rond Point.

A big circle of 140 meters in diameter, where Champs-Élysées meets the fashion streets Avenue Montaigne and Avenue Matignon. The appearance of Champs-Élysées also changes. From Rond Point to Place de la Concorde it is lined with mighty trees and gardens on both sides, including the Palais Élysée garden.

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