5. Esplanades – Pont Alexander III

Pont Alexander III, Paris

Pont Alexander III

Esplanade des Invalides

We leave by the northern entrance to the museums.

This is the real front of the Invalides complex. In front of us is the field, Esplanade des Invalides, reaching from Invalides to the Seine. We can observe the game of pétoncle, in which the locals try to throw their ball either as near to the mark as possible or at the more successful balls of the competitors.

Pont Alexander III

We cross the Esplanade and the Quai d’Orsay and arrive at Pont Alexander III.

The most exuberant Seine bridge, built in 1896-1900 for the World Fair in 1900. It is a single-span steel bridge, heavily decorated with Art Noveau lamps and statues.

This is the end of walk no. 7. The Invalides metro station is nearby.

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