3. Universités – Saint-Étienne-du-Mont



Saint-Etienne-du-Mont, Paris


We leave the arena and climb Rue des Arènes, cross Rue Monge and take the steps into Rue Rollin. With a short detour into Rue du Cardinal Lemoine to the right and then Rue Thouin to the left we arrive at the Rue Descartes to the right and then Rue Clovis to the right. This seems complicated but is in fact a very short distance. We are at Saint-Étienne-de-Mont.

Built 1492-1626, a strange mixture of styles. It is even bent in the plan, as we can see by taking a look at its irregular west front. It is mainly Gothic, but some elements are Renaissance. It is unique in Paris in having a big rood screen in front of the chancel. Such screens were in fashion in the 15th and 16th C., but have been removed in other Paris churches.

Pantheon is here next door, but we saw it on our last walk so we will skip it here.

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