2. Montmartre – Place du Tertre


Place du Tertre

Place du Tertre & Sacre-Coeur, Paris

Place du Tertre & Sacre-Coeur

Just in front of Saint-Pierre is the Place du Tertre.

A lively place where scores of painters are working and selling, and hundreds of tourists are lingering in pavement cafés.

Some narrow and village-like streets are near the square. Along Rue de Saules there is a short distance to the only vineyard in Paris and an historical joint, Lapin Agile. This is in fact a 400 years old village, gradually surrounded by Paris. Cars are of little use on the Butte and pedestrians are kings.

A good walk down from Montmartre is from the southern end of Rue de Saules to the metro station at Place des Abesses. The entrance there is in the Art Noveau style of the first years of the 20th C.

Now we take a trip to Versailles.

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